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ACOG: Shared Decision-Making Key to Breast Cancer Screening - 2017-06-23
"Shared decision-making is being emphasized in new American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists mammography screening guidelines for women at average risk of breast cancer." More

Shared Decision-Making Encouraged in Multiple Sclerosis - 2017-06-23
"Patients should be engaged in decision-making about multiple sclerosis and the treatment options available, according to a report published online May 29 in Practical Neurology." More

Primary Care Pharmacy Model Attractive to Patients - 2017-06-23
"Patients express preference for a pharmacy-driven model of primary care versus a pharmacy offering minimal primary care services, according to a study published online June 18 in the Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics." More

Being Thin Could Boost Stress Fracture Risk in Female Runners - 2017-06-23
"Researcher says less muscle mass can make leg bones more vulnerable to injury." More

Fish Eaters Report Less Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain - 2017-06-23
"Study suggests most fish may play role in controlling symptoms." More

Health Tip: Are You Well Enough to Travel? - 2017-06-23
"Skip a flight if you have symptoms " More

Health Tip: Rewarding Kids Without Food - 2017-06-23
"Other 'treats' you can give" More

Some Republicans Voice Concerns About Senate Replacement for Obamacare - 2017-06-23
"Conservatives say it doesn't go far enough, moderates say it goes too far." More

1991-2014 Saw Minimal Change in Health Spending Per State - 2017-06-22
"From 1991 to 2014 there was minimal change in health spending by state, according to a study published online June 14 in Health Affairs." More

Lifestyle Changes Might Prevent or Slow Dementia - 2017-06-22
"The public should be aware of this encouraging research, expert says." More

Legalized Pot May Lead to More Traffic Crashes - 2017-06-22
"But auto accident deaths aren't on the rise in states where recreational pot is allowed, researchers say." More

Guided Exercise May Help Chronic Fatigue Patients: Study - 2017-06-23
"Little by little, patients step up activity levels as an expert coaches via phone or online video." More

Mammogram Decision Hinges on Patient-Doc Talk, Ob-Gyn Group Says - 2017-06-22
"Updated screening guidelines urge shared decision-making about when and how often to have the test." More

2006 to 2013 Saw Increase in ER Use for Herpes Zoster - 2017-06-22
"From 2006 to 2013 there was an increase in the number of emergency department visits for herpes zoster, according to a study published online June 21 in JAMA Dermatology." More

Nearly 60 Percent With Conjunctivitis Fill Antibiotic Rx - 2017-06-22
"Antibiotic prescriptions are filled by nearly 60 percent of patients newly diagnosed with acute conjunctivitis, according to a study published online June 14 in Ophthalmology." More

3029 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)