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Gastric Acid Suppressants May Up Risk of Recurrent C. difficile - 2017-03-27
"Use of gastric acid suppressants may increase the risk of recurrent Clostridium difficile infection, according to a meta-analysis published online March 27 in JAMA Internal Medicine." More

Oxybutynin Frequently Used for Overactive Bladder in U.S. Elderly - 2017-03-27
"The incidence of oxybutynin prescription was 27.3 percent among elderly individuals receiving antimuscarinic prescriptions from 2006 to 2012, according to a study presented at the annual meeting of the European Association of Urology, held from March 24 to 28 in London." More

Cancer Patients Vary in Survival Benefit Needed to Justify Chemo - 2017-03-27
"Among patients participating in a chemotherapy drug trial, there is substantial variation in preferences regarding length of survival benefits that justify undergoing chemotherapy, according to a study published online March 21 in Cancer." More

What You Need to Know About Cholesterol - 2017-03-28
"Heart expert explains the difference between good and bad types." More

Study: Plenty of IV Fluids May Make Childbirth Safer, Easier - 2017-03-28
"Review found it lowered risk of cesarean delivery, shortened labor." More

Suicide Risk Not Up With New Rx of 5α-Reductase Inhibitor for BPH - 2017-03-27
"For older men, initiation of a new prescription of a 5α-reductase inhibitor for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia is not associated with increased risk of suicide, according to a study published online March 20 in JAMA Internal Medicine." More

Just 17 U.S. States Require Defibrillators in Some Schools - 2017-03-27
"Easy-to-use portable devices can prevent deaths from sudden cardiac arrest, researchers say." More

Study Suggests Heartburn Meds-Superbug Infections Link - 2017-03-27
"Recurring bouts of C. difficile were more common in those who took drugs that lower stomach acid." More

Fewer Successful Malpractice Claims in U.S., But Higher Payouts - 2017-03-27
"Tort reform laws may help explain findings, researchers say." More

Health Tip: Think You Fractured Your Foot? - 2017-03-27
"Here are first-aid suggestions" More

Allergic to Peanuts? Tree Nuts Might Still Be Safe - 2017-03-27
"Careful testing can determine whether you need to avoid cashews, walnuts or others, study finds." More

How Doctors Decide to Treat a Ruptured Achilles - 2017-03-25
"Your health and activity level influence recommendation for or against surgery." More

Treatment Seeking Low Among Teens With Eating Disorders - 2017-03-24
"Adolescents with eating disorders infrequently seek treatment, according to a study published online March 21 in the International Journal of Eating Disorders." More

Leg Pain When Walking: Talk to Your Doctor - 2017-03-24
"Physician says there are ways to ward off peripheral artery disease." More

Teens With Autism More Likely to Land in ER, Study Finds - 2017-03-24
"Puberty and transition to adulthood may be especially challenging times, researcher says." More

2853 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)