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Job Listings
West Texas Centers has the following jobs available:

001: Foster Care Provider/Companion Care All West Texas CentersAll West Texas Centers Areas, Texas
041 :Mental Health Case Manager - SeminoleSeminole, Texas
134: IDD Enrollment Coordinator Big SpringBig Spring, Texas
177:MH Rehab Provider Terry CoBrownfield, Texas
202: Crew Supervisor Big SpringBig Spring, Texas
269: IDD Team Leader SweetwaterSWEETWATER, Texas
316: Crew Supervisor - SweetwaterSweetwater, Texas
330: IDD Residential Support Tech Sweetwater TexasSweetwater, Texas
335: IDD Residential Support Service Tech PRN Monahans Monahans, Texas
340: Residential Support Tech PRN SeminoleSeminole, Texas
403: MH Part time Crisis Worker Andrews,Gaines,Howard,Nolan, Ward and Yoakum CoSeminole,Andrews,Big Spring,Sweetwater Monahans or Yoakum Co, Texas
475: IDD Residential Support Tech SeminoleSeminole, Texas
531: IDD Team Leader Sweetwater SWEETWATER, Texas
531: Residential Team Leader Sweetwater Sweetwater, Texas
552: Mental Health Case Manager SnyderSnyder, Texas
621: MH Peer Provider Big Spring Big Spring, Texas
623:MH Case Manager - Sweetwater Sweetwater, Texas
739 MH Family Partner Big SpringBig Spring, Texas
NEW: First Episode Psychosis Team Lead (FEP) Big Spring Sweetwater and/or SnyderBig Spring , Texas
NEW: Mental Health LVN - Big Spring Big Spring , Texas
P022: MH LVN - McCamey McCamey, Texas
P034: MH Case Manager - Winters Winters, Texas
P046: MH Case Manager SnyderSnyder, Texas
P049 MH Case Manager - North RegionBrownfield , Texas
P060: MH Financial Clerk Kermit Kermit, Texas
P077 MH Case ManagerSweetwater, Texas
P122: Mental Health Case Manager - Big SpringBig Spring, Texas
P314: Vocational Manager - SweetwaterSweetwater , Texas
P346: Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LPHA)Big Spring, Colorado City, Snyder, Texas
P370: MH Case Manager MonahansMonahans, Texas
P392: IDD Residential Support Tech Big SpringBig Spring, Texas
P394: Accounting Clerk - Big SpringBig Spring, Texas
P395: Support Service Tech - Monahans Monahans, Texas
P526: IDD Residential Support SweetwaterSweetwater, Texas
P700: Early Childhood Intervention Specialist/Service Coordinator - Part Time -West RegionMonahans - Pecos, Texas
P786: MH Case Manager - AndrewsAndrews, Texas