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by C. Brian Silver
Writers Club Press, 2003
Review by Barbara Wright on Jul 2nd 2003

Raising Kids in an Age of Terror

As a parent, and also as a grandparent, I can understand the feelings of the author in Raising Kids In An Age Of Terror. Even though my "kids" are now grown, I can't help but still want to help protect them and my grandchildren. The events of September 11, 2001 brought home to each one of us just how vulnerable we are in the world today. Not that we didn't really already know it, we just refused to think about it or admit it out loud.

The book delves into how our modern world got into the position where terrorism and suicide bombers have become, to some, an acceptable way to get their point across. To the rest of us, it has become a reality that we find we must face even if we don't understand how any human being could sink so low. The author gives a good background with lots of good information on how we have progressed to this point. Different kinds of possible attack are discussed along with suggestions and tips for ways to protect yourself and your family.

Silver goes beyond just helping us prepare for possible attack, he prods us into becoming active citizens. To make our vote, our life, our time, and our resources count for something positive in and to the world. This section on citizen action, along with the section on how to help children cope with this type of situation, really makes this book special. There are a tremendous amount of references to other helpful materials and web sites. Also, there are specific and detailed ideas on such things as disaster supply kits, disaster planning, emergency communications, and even a first aid primer.

All in all it is an excellent resource for anyone with questions on how to help children cope or how to prepare for different types of disaster. The book is well written and the presentation is excellent. If you are in the market for a book of this type, this one should be on your "to buy" list.



2003 Barbara Wright

Barbara Wright is a former Director of Human Resources with Master's Degrees in Human Resource Planning and in Organizational Behavior.  The last 15 years of experience have been in the Telecommunications Industry.  She has a wide variety of reading interests and is a member of Reviews International Organization (RIO).