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Career Options


West Texas Centers is among the largest employers in West Texas with approximately 350 employees system wide, ranging from high school graduates to physicians.
We eagerly anticipate your decision to join our dedicated team whether your specialty is in direct service delivery, clinical specialties, program supervision, administration or executive level management...


JOB LINE:  1-800-687-2769
(The jobline is updated regularly but due to space limitations may not contain all vacant posiitons)

WTC is an Equal  Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer

Applications are accepted by mail or fax and are accepted ONLY for positions currently posted.   Applications must be complete in order to be considered.  You may submit an electronic application from this site, but you are required to provide copies of Social Security card, current Texas drivers license, proof of vehicle liability insurance (with applicant listed as driver) and proof of education before your application can be considered.  These documents may be mailed or provided in person to the address listed below. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

Applications completed on this site will be routed to:
WTC Human Resource Specialist
Attn:  Robbie Billings
409 Runnels
Big Spring, Texas 79720
FAX:  (432) 264-6610

Applications filed through this website will be routed electronically to the WTC HR department, but if you should choose to print and submit your application through the mail or in person please use the address listed above.  Questions concerning these job postings may be routed to Human Resource Specialist, Robbie Billings, at 432-264-2650