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National Gulf War Resource Center, Inc.

Self-Help Sourcebook

Supports the efforts of grassroot organizations that assist veterans affected by the Persian Gulf War Illness. Also provides advocacy and support for Gulf War veterans, veterans of the Afghanistan & Iraq war and their families. Conducts research into the causes of Gulf War Syndrome. Self-help guides, media assistance, provides congressional testimony, advocacy, literature, information and referrals.
Number:61 affiliated groups
Address:1725 SW Gage Blvd.
Topeka, Kansas, 66604
United States
Web:Web Address


Search all self-help groups at Self-Help Sourcebook OnlineIMPORTANT NOTE FOR MODEL GROUPS: Model groups are not national or international groups. Contact this group only if you are interested in starting a similar group in your area or country. When writing to this group from the U.S.A., always include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. A small contribution toward their copying costs is also helpful. If you telephone, always be considerate of the time of day or night; most of these numbers are home phones.