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Title:NEW: Care Coordination Specialist
Location:Sweetwater, TX, Texas

The Care Coordination Clerk is deeply committed to improving health outcomes and the quality of life for individuals and families served at West Texas Centers. The Care Coordination Clerk works in collaboration and continuous partnership with chronically ill and high risk individuals and their families. The Care Coordination Clerk is part of an interdisciplinary team that works together to coordinate the medical, psychosocial, emotional, therapeutic, and recovery support needs of individuals and may include culturally-sensitive, traditional approaches to care in order to facilitate wellness and recovery of the whole person. The Care Coordination Clerk performs activities that are designed to improve timely access to appropriate care and support, increase utilization of preventative care, facilitate communication among care providers, improve continuity of service during transitions of care, and track progress toward achievement of recovery goals. This position requires interfacing among multiple care systems including medical, social, educational, and other appropriate services and supports that will help individuals achieve a meaningful quality of life in community participation. Responsibilities include submitting and tracking referrals and transitions of care, addressing barriers to referrals, follow up with individuals after missed appointments, and engaging MCO service coordinator. Falsification of any document constitutes grounds for dismissal. Requires flexible hours, involves extensive paperwork, and will require self-directed performance. Travel and the use of a personal vehicle are required. Must have a valid Texas driver’s license and a driving record that is acceptable for insurability through the Center’s insurance carrier. Directly supervised by the Care Coordination Program Director.

Hours:M-F 8-5
Benefits:Health, Dental, Life, Disability, Retirement
Contact:Anna Sheedy
Address:409 Runnels
Big Spring, Texas, 79720