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AHA News: 5 Things to Know About Blood Pressure Before It's a Problem - 2021-05-12
"Blood pressure is more than just numbers your doctor writes on a chart." More

Do Prescription Sleep Medicines Even Work? - 2021-05-12
"An estimated 9 million Americans turn to prescription pills when they can't sleep, but a new study of middle-aged women finds taking the drugs for a year or longer may do little good." More

Moderna Vaccine Can Trigger Red, Itchy 'COVID Arm,' But It's Temporary - 2021-05-12
"In rare cases, people who receive the two-dose Moderna COVID-19 vaccine may experience a red, itchy patch of skin a few days later at the injection site, a new report finds." More

Feel Younger Than Your Age? You Might Live Longer - 2021-05-12
"Can feeling young at heart, or at least younger than your actual age, help older people live healthier, longer lives? Yes, according to researchers in Germany." More

Could a Vaccine Against Future Pandemics Be on the Way? - 2021-05-12
"An ambitious new vaccine effort is taking aim at future coronavirus mutations that may threaten global health down the road." More

Debunking Social Media Myth, Study Finds COVID Vaccine Won't Harm Placenta - 2021-05-12
"Contrary to misleading reports spread on social media, a new study finds the COVID-19 vaccine does no damage to the placenta in pregnancy." More

AHA News: These 'Concrete Steps' Could Help Fight Racism in Health Care - 2021-05-12
"Doctors, hospitals and medical schools should take specific actions to fight the structural racism that threatens the health of millions of Americans, according to a new report meant to help guide the medical establishment." More

Grief Can Strike Even Before a Loved One Is Gone - 2021-05-12
"Feelings of grief are expected after the loss of a loved one, but having those feelings when your loved one has a terminal illness is also real and can fluctuate over time, experts say. " More

U.S. Seniors Are Getting Fewer Abdominal Surgeries - 2021-05-12
"Older Americans, especially those 85 and older, are having fewer abdominal surgeries than in decades past, a new study finds." More

For the Poor, Even a Small Medical Bill Can Trigger Coverage Loss - 2021-05-12
"When people with low incomes are asked to help pay for their health insurance, some drop their coverage, even when bills as low as $20 per month arrive." More

Rural U.S. Schools Are Bringing Back In-Person Learning Faster Than Urban Schools - 2021-05-12
"Rural school districts in the United States have led the way back to in-person instruction during the pandemic, a survey of school leaders finds." More

Most Severe COVID Cases Involve Neuro Issues, and They're More Often Fatal - 2021-05-11
"Neurological problems are occurring in a very high percentage of hospitalized COVID-19 patients -- and what's worse, those symptoms foretell a bad end for many sufferers, a new study finds." More

Sleep Disorders Cost U.S. Health Care System Nearly $95 Billion Per Year - 2021-05-11
"Sleep problems cost America's health care system nearly $95 billion a year and raise the cost of health care by 60%, a new study finds." More

New Insights Into Treating Mild Head Injuries - 2021-05-11
"It may be possible to treat the thinking problems that result from repeated hits to the head, a new laboratory study suggests." More

Alcohol Is No Friend to Social Distancing - 2021-05-11
"Maintaining adequate social distance from strangers -- a key COVID-19 preventive measure -- can be tough when you're drinking alcohol, researchers say." More

2390 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)