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Sunglasses a Shield for the Eyes - 2019-07-20
"Sunglasses need to be more than just fashion accessories, an eye expert advises." More

Longer Rx for Birth Control Pills a Smart Idea for Female Vets: Study - 2019-07-19
"Giving U.S. female military veterans a year's supply of birth control pills would reduce their risk of unwanted pregnancies and lower health care costs, a new study finds." More

Pot Use During Early Pregnancy on the Rise - 2019-07-19
"Pot use and pregnancy hardly go hand-in-hand for health reasons, but more American women are using marijuana just before and right after they become pregnant, new research warns." More

Health Tip: Protecting Yourself From Summer Bugs - 2019-07-19
"Hotter temperatures bring people outdoors, but they also bring insects out of hiding, says NorthShore University." More

Music Soothes the Stressed Soul Before Surgery - 2019-07-19
"Music may be as powerful as drugs in calming patients before they undergo surgery, new research suggests." More

Is Caffeine Fueling Your Anxieties? - 2019-07-19
"If you struggle with anxiety, you might want to skip that second cup of coffee, new research suggests." More

15 Minutes Matters With Strokes - 2019-07-18
"Just 15 minutes can make a difference when someone is struck by a stroke, new research suggests." More

Number of American Smokers Who've Tried to Quit Has Stalled - 2019-07-18
"Even if it takes multiple attempts, a majority of smokers do finally kick the habit. But new research finds the percentage of smokers who are even trying to quit has flatlined." More

How to Make Your Child's Hospital Stay Safer, Less Stressful - 2019-07-18
"More than 3 million kids are hospitalized in the United States every year. Whether it's for a planned test or surgery or an injury or other emergency, knowing how to be involved in your child's care can help you get through what's often a stressful event." More

As Heat Bakes the Nation, Expert Offers Tips to Stay Safe - 2019-07-18
"Across two-thirds of the United States, over 115 million Americans live where some level of heat alert is already in effect, and 290 million will see temperatures soar past 90 degrees at some point in the next week, USA Today reported Wednesday." More

The 'Bottom' Blood Pressure Number Matters, Too - 2019-07-18
"When it comes to blood pressure readings, the "top" number seems to grab all the attention. But a large, new study confirms that both numbers are, in fact, critical in determining the risk of heart attack and stroke." More

Another Study Casts Doubt on Safety of Herbal Drug Kratom - 2019-07-18
"The herbal supplement kratom regularly causes serious side effects and doesn't appear safe for use, a new study argues." More

New Test Can Pinpoint Which Pancreatic Cysts Might Turn Cancerous - 2019-07-17
"New research suggests that this experimental, artificial intelligence-driven test could help slice the number of such unwarranted surgeries nearly in half." More

Clues to Why Women Have Higher Odds for Alzheimer's - 2019-07-17
"Rates of Alzheimer's disease are higher in women than in men, and researchers now think they know why." More

Medical Marijuana Won't Help Ease Opioid Crisis: Study - 2019-07-17
"Some proponents of medical marijuana have claimed that its use against pain might help curb the ongoing crisis of opioid abuse. But a new study refutes that notion, finding that state laws legalizing medical marijuana have had little impact on the issue." More

2147 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)