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AHA: Weight-Loss Surgery Helps the Hearts of Very Obese Teens, Too - 2018-03-23
"Bariatric surgery in severely obese teenagers could lower their risk of heart attack and stroke by about 40 to 50 percent -- and could maintain that lower risk for at least five years, a new study shows." More

Common Meds May Help Spur Antibiotic Resistance, Study Finds - 2018-03-23
"More than one-quarter of non-antibiotic medicines inhibit the growth of bacteria in the human gut and may contribute to antibiotic resistance, new research suggests." More

His Prostate Cancer Becomes Her Struggle, Too - 2018-03-23
"Difficulties tied to prostate cancer may not be limited to men." More

Obesity Rates Keep Rising for U.S. Adults - 2018-03-23
"Obesity rates have continued to climb significantly among American adults, but the same hasn't held true for children, a new government report finds." More

The Benefits of Moving More - 2018-03-23
"In the battle of the bulge, it's not just getting exercise that matters -- what you do when you're not formally working out counts, too." More

Unchecked Air Pollution a Death Sentence for Millions: Study - 2018-03-23
"Quicker action to cut fossil fuel emissions and slow climate change could prevent as many as 153 million premature deaths worldwide this century, new research contends." More

Even Short Bursts of Activity Can Boost Long-Term Health - 2018-03-23
"Simply climbing a single set of stairs, walking around the block or taking a three-minute jog can improve a middle-aged person's health, even when such activity is spread across the day, new research suggests." More

Calorie Restriction Linked to Sustained Metabolic Adaptation - 2018-03-22
"Calorie restriction over two years is associated with considerable weight loss, and with lower than expected energy expenditure relative to the weight loss, according to a study published online March 22 in Cell Metabolism." More

Study Weighs Heart Danger of Antibiotics for Older Women - 2018-03-22
"New research finds that, for women over 60, there's a link between long-term use of antibiotics and heightened odds for heart-linked death." More

AHA: 'Beating' Stroke, New Hip-Hop Program Helps Kids Save a Life - 2018-03-22
"Teaching school kids the symptoms of stroke and how to react quickly to them is an effective way to potentially save lives and prevent disabilities, according to a new study done in tandem with the educational program Hip Hop Stroke." More

Noisy Workplace May Wreak Havoc on Your Heart - 2018-03-22
"Loud noise at work doesn't just threaten your hearing, it might also boost your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, a new U.S. government report suggests." More

Hearing Loss Might Leave You Accident-Prone - 2018-03-22
"You may think your poor hearing just means you miss parts of conversations, but a new report suggests it also might make accidental injuries more likely." More

Want to Live Longer? Eating a Little Less Might Do the Trick - 2018-03-22
"Putting just a bit less on your dinner plate each day might be key to a longer life, preliminary research suggests." More

Health Tip: Help Your School Develop a Wellness Policy - 2018-03-22
"A wellness policy is a written document that helps guide a school's approach to nutrition and physical activity." More

The Top Calorie-Burning Exercises - 2018-03-22
"When you're trying to lose weight, cutting calories counts. But so does burning them off with exercise." More

3301 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)