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Treating Depression Could Lengthen Lung Cancer Patients' Lives - 2021-10-18
"Persistent depression can significantly shorten lung cancer survival -- even if patients receive the latest cancer treatments, new research shows." More

Legionnaires' Disease Outbreak Hits Long Island, N.Y. - 2021-10-18
"Health officials say they are trying to track down the source of 10 reported cases of Legionnaires' disease within a one-mile radius in a Long Island, N.Y., neighborhood." More

State Spending on Poverty Really Pays Off for Kids: Study - 2021-10-18
"When states spend money on programs that reduce poverty, fewer children are abused and neglected, fewer end up in foster care and fewer die, a new study reveals." More

Researchers Find Better Way to Fight Breast Cancer That Has Spread to Brain - 2021-10-18
"Researchers may have found a noninvasive way to temporarily open the brain's borders to allow tumor-fighting medication inside." More

Be Your Teen's Best Partner as They Learn to Drive - 2021-10-16
"Parents of teen drivers can play a crucial role in making their children safe drivers, the Governors Highway Safety Association says." More

State Lotteries Didn't Help Boost Vaccination Rates - 2021-10-15
"A shot at winning $1 million did nothing to budge the number of people who got the COVID-19 jab." More

AHA News: Carrying a Tune Could Lead to Better Health - 2021-10-15
"According to a growing body of research, bursting into song is good for both your body and your brain." More

Vaccinated Foreign Travelers Can Enter United States Beginning Nov. 8 - 2021-10-15
"All international travelers who are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus will be able to enter the United States beginning Nov. 8, an official at the White House told The New York Times." More

FDA Panel Recommends Approval of Johnson & Johnson Booster Shot - 2021-10-15
"In a unanimous vote, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's vaccine advisory panel on Friday recommended that the agency grant emergency use of booster shots of Johnson & Johnson's coronavirus vaccine." More

Heart Defibs in Schools Are Saving Staff Lives: Study - 2021-10-15
"Adult staff in schools are more likely than students to suffer sudden cardiac arrest, but automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are often used and improve the chances of survival, a new study finds." More

Horseback Riding Carries Big Risk for Serious Injury: Study - 2021-10-15
"Days in the saddle can be risky, with horseback riding a potentially deadly activity, according to a new study." More

Two-Thirds of Parents of Kids Ages 5-11 Plan to Get Them Vaccinated Against COVID: Poll - 2021-10-15
"In some heartening news on the vaccine front, two-thirds of American parents of children ages 5 to 11 plan to get their youngsters vaccinated when COVID-19 shots are approved for that age group, a new survey shows." More

Another Study Finds Pfizer, Moderna Shots Effective Against COVID Variants - 2021-10-15
"The Moderna and Pfizer COVID vaccines protect against a number of coronavirus variants, including highly contagious Delta, another study confirms." More

Americans Are Eating More Ultra-Processed Foods - 2021-10-15
"Ultra-processed foods are ready-to-eat or heat, include additives, and contain little, if any, whole foods. They include frozen pizza, soda, fast food, sweets, salty snacks, canned soup and most breakfast cereals." More

Despite Pressures of Pandemic, U.S. Nursing School Enrollment Climbs - 2021-10-15
"Even as large numbers of U.S. nurses leave their jobs due to the stress of the pandemic, there's been a big uptick in applications to nursing schools, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing says." More

2368 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)