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Weight-Loss Surgeries Less Common in States With High Obesity Rates - 2018-11-16
"Americans in states with the highest obesity rates are less likely to have weight-loss surgery, researchers say." More

AHA: Cold-Weather Drinks Are Here, But Watch Out for the Calories - 2018-11-16
"Comfort-inducing seasonal drinks abound during the fall and winter. From the sweet, spicy goodness of pumpkin spice latte -- PSL to its fans on Instagram -- to peppermint-flavored, well, everything." More

Here's More Evidence Obesity Can Shorten Your Life - 2018-11-16
"A study that tracked the weight and survival of more than 6,000 Americans for 24 years reinforces the notion that piling on excess pounds can lead to an earlier grave." More

Health Tip: Treat Laryngitis - 2018-11-16
"Laryngitis may be triggered by speaking or singing loudly, or by excess stomach acid that backs up into the throat and inflames the vocal cords." More

Can EpiPens Still Work After Freezing? - 2018-11-16
"Your EpiPen will still work after being frozen, researchers report." More

Dining Out With Allergies Is Tough, But These Steps Can Help - 2018-11-16
"When you have serious food allergies, eating at a restaurant can literally mean risking your life. But new research suggests you can take steps to protect yourself when dining out." More

1 in 5 U.S. High School Students Now Vapes: CDC - 2018-11-15
"More than 20 percent of high school students use electronic cigarettes, risking nicotine addiction, lung damage and the temptation to try traditional smokes, U.S. health officials reported Thursday." More

AHA: Achilles Tendon May Be Window Into Heart Disease Severity - 2018-11-15
"For people with coronary artery disease, the thickness of the Achilles tendon may be an indicator of the severity of their disease and how likely they are to have a heart attack, new research suggests." More

Climate Change Could Change the Ragweed Sneezin' Season - 2018-11-15
"Warmer temperatures in the northern United States will allow ragweed -- the plant that triggers hay fever -- to flourish in areas it's never been before. About 35 years from now, the study predicts, ragweed will be found in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and upstate New York." More

The Jobs That Carry the Highest Suicide Risk - 2018-11-15
"The rate of suicide among U.S. workers has jumped 34 percent since 2000, and certain occupations seem to be riskier than others, government health researchers report." More

FDA Moves to Restrict Flavored E-Cig Sales, Ban Menthol Cigarettes - 2018-11-15
"The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Thursday it will take steps to limit or ban access to flavored e-cigarettes, menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars." More

Health Tip: How Bad is Your Hearing Loss? - 2018-11-15
"You've had a professional diagnose your hearing loss. So how bad is it?" More

Health Tip: Think You Have a Broken Toe? - 2018-11-15
"Failure to promptly treat a toe fracture may lead to a permanent deformity, arthritis and chronic pain, the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons warns." More

Sidestep These Menu Minefields - 2018-11-15
"If you're trying to lose weight, it's important that you don't fall prey to these temptations." More

Ageism Costs Billions in Health Care Dollars - 2018-11-15
"Prejudice directed at older people results in $63 billion in excess health costs each year in the United States, a new study claims." More

2601 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)