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HIV May Not Worsen COVID-19 Outlook - 2020-07-03
"People with HIV who were hospitalized with COVID-19 didn't have worse results than COVID-19 patients without HIV, new research shows." More

U.S. Coronavirus Hospitalizations Spiking in South, West - 2020-07-03
"Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Nevada and Arizona all set records for hospitalizations on Thursday, a sobering harbinger of what is yet to come, the Washington Post reported." More

Asthma, Allergies Plus Pandemic May Pose 4th of July Challenges - 2020-07-02
"The coronavirus pandemic makes planning for July 4th a challenge this year, especially if someone in the family has allergies or asthma, an allergy expert says." More

Stroke Appears 8 Times More Likely With COVID Than With Flu - 2020-07-02
"Both flu and COVID-19 can raise your risk for a stroke, but the odds appear to be eight times higher with the coronavirus, a new study finds." More

COVID-19 Death Risk Twice as High in New York City as Some Countries - 2020-07-02
"New York City's COVID-19 death rate was more than double that of some countries, and the city's oldest people had the highest risk of death, researchers report." More

Biases Mean Men Dubbed 'Brilliant' More Often Than Women - 2020-07-02
"When it comes to intelligence, men are more likely to be bestowed with the lofty attribute than women, a new study finds." More

Fireworks Are Bad News for Your Lungs - 2020-07-02
"A new threat has been added to the risks posed by fireworks -- they can release toxic metals that can damage your lungs." More

MS Patients Turn to Marijuana, Other Alternative Treatments - 2020-07-02
"Despite the existence of conventional medications to manage multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms, a majority of patients also rely on alternative therapies, including vitamins, exercise and marijuana, a new survey suggests." More

Scientists Find Source of COVID Clots - 2020-07-02
"COVID-19 is linked to potentially fatal blood clots. Researchers now believe they've found out how they occur, which potentially could lead to better treatment." More

Pandemic Means More Backyard Fireworks This Year -- And More Danger - 2020-07-02
"With communities across the United States canceling Fourth of July celebrations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, backyard fireworks are likely to be more popular than ever." More

New U.S. Coronavirus Cases Top 50,000 as More States Slow Reopening Plans - 2020-07-02
"The daily tally of new U.S. coronavirus cases passed 50,000 on Wednesday, as more reopening plans across the country were slowed amid fears of spiking infections." More

Numbers of Non-COVID-19 Deaths Up During Pandemic - 2020-07-01
"Nearly one-third of excess deaths in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States were linked to causes other than COVID-19, but that doesn't mean that the virus didn't play a role in those deaths, a new study claims." More

No Good Evidence on Accuracy of Coronavirus Antibody Tests: Study - 2020-07-02
"A new review finds there's little good evidence of the accuracy of blood antibody tests for COVID-19, especially those performed outside a lab." More

New Leash on Life: How Dog-Walking Is Helping Veterans Battered by PTSD - 2020-07-01
"Many soldiers experience traumas on the battlefield that leave them emotionally wounded, but something as simple as walking a dog might bring these veterans desperately needed psychic relief." More

AHA News: COVID-19 Pandemic Brings New Concerns About Excessive Drinking - 2020-07-01
"Unwinding with a glass of wine or a "quarantini" might seem like a good way to cope with the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic. But for some people, too much alcohol is making the ongoing health crisis worse." More

2421 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)