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Your Apple Watch Might Help Spot a Dangerous Irregular Heartbeat - 2019-03-18
"Someday soon, devices like the Apple Watch might be monitoring wearers for heart conditions such as potentially dangerous atrial fibrillation, a new study suggests." More

CDC Cites Urgent Need to Expand HIV Testing, Treatment - 2019-03-18
"Shortfalls in HIV testing and treatment are hampering efforts to stop new infections of the AIDS-causing virus in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says." More

More U.S. Teens, Kids Seeking Mental Health Care in ERs - 2019-03-18
"U.S. emergency departments are seeing a surge in the number of kids and teens seeking help for mental health problems, new research warns." More

Health Tip: Parenting Adopted Teens - 2019-03-18
"Teenagers often struggle with questions of identity. For adopted teens, the struggle may be harder than it is for their non-adopted peers." More

Healthy Cooking on a Budget - 2019-03-18
"Cooking healthy at home is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family. And your budget doesn't have to take a hit when you stock up on this list of good-for-you foods." More

Hate Those Stressful Office Parties? Just Fake It, Study Suggests - 2019-03-18
"Though they often dread social events, many introverts find they're not as bad as feared and some have learned to fake an outgoing personality to get through the experience." More

Docs Back Away From Low-Dose Aspirin for Heart Attack Prevention - 2019-03-18
"Millions of aging Americans worried about heart attacks and strokes have for years popped a low-dose aspirin each day, thinking the blood thinner might lower their risk." More

Even Housework, Gardening Can Help an Older Woman's Heart - 2019-03-15
"Think exercise has to be high-intensity to make a difference to your health? Think again. New research shows that even routine housework and gardening can help older women's hearts." More

Heart Attacks Fall By One-Third Among Older Americans - 2019-03-15
"Since the mid-1990s, the number of seniors who suffered a heart attack or died from one dropped dramatically -- evidence that campaigns to prevent heart attacks and improve patient care are paying off, Yale University researchers said." More

How to Protect Your Kids From Drowning - 2019-03-15
"Drowning can be swift and silent, making it a leading cause of accidental death among children." More

Burden of Autism in Teens Weighs Heaviest on Minorities, Poor - 2019-03-15
"Autism exacts a heavy toll on the families of teens who struggle with the disorder, but the fight to get treatment and services is even harder among minorities who live in poverty, new research suggests." More

Ebola Survivors Continue to Suffer Years After Recovery - 2019-03-14
"Many survivors of the 2014-2016 Ebola outbreak in West Africa have ongoing health problems, a new study finds." More

Fewer Boys Are Suffering Head Injuries, But Rate Rises for Girls - 2019-03-14
"There's good news and bad news from a new study of children visiting U.S. emergency departments for head injuries: The rate of these potentially serious events has fallen among boys, but risen for girls." More

Mental Health Woes Are Rising in Young Americans -- Is Social Media to Blame? - 2019-03-14
"Young Americans may be more vulnerable to depression, distress and suicidal thoughts or attempts than their parents' generation, and social media might be fueling that troubling trend." More

AHA News: Black Woman in Their 50s Face Especially High Stroke Risk - 2019-03-14
"Black women in their 50s may have more than triple the risk of stroke compared to white women of the same age, according to a new study that also found a healthy lifestyle could help curb much of that risk." More

2277 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)