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Your Gas Stove Might Make You (and the Planet) Sick - 2022-01-28
"The emissions from gas stoves are considered major contributors to climate change and damaging to human health. Now, new research suggests they're troublesome even when they're turned off." More

Shorter Life Spans for Elderly Living Downwind of Fracking Sites: Study - 2022-01-28
"Older people who live near or downwind of fracking sites have an increased risk of premature death, likely due to airborne contaminants from the sites, according to a new study." More

In a First, a Robot Performs Laparoscopic Surgery on Pig Without Human Help - 2022-01-28
"A robot performed challenging keyhole surgery on pigs without any human help in what could be a major step toward fully automated surgery on people." More

2 Rheumatoid Arthritis Drugs Tied to Lower Risk of Parkinson's - 2022-01-28
"Two rheumatoid arthritis drugs show potential for lowering the risk of Parkinson's disease, new research shows." More

Beyond Antibodies: Vaccines Teach Your Immune T-Cells to Fight COVID Long Term - 2022-01-28
"COVID-19 vaccines activate long-lasting immune system T-cells that target coronavirus variants of concern, including Delta and Omicron, new research shows." More

Rehab or Steroid Shots: What's Best for Arthritic Knees? - 2022-01-28
"In the long run, physical therapy is at least as cost-effective as steroid injections and is more likely to provide longer-term relief, a new study concludes." More

Stay Safe When Winter Storms Cut Your Power - 2022-01-28
"With a major winter storm bearing down on most of the U.S. Northeast, making a plan to keep your family warm and safe if power is knocked out is crucial. That's true for any kind of big weather event, one expert said." More

Pre-Op Treatment May Be Advance Against Deadly Liver Cancers - 2022-01-28
""For liver cancer -- and many other types of cancer -- immunotherapies are now the mainstay of treatment for people with advanced disease, meaning for patients in whom surgery is not a potential cure."" More

AHA News: Sound the Fiber Alarm! Most of Us Need More of It in Our Diet - 2022-01-27
"Studies show many people in the United States fall well short of the fiber intake they need. " More

Months After Moderna Booster, Antibodies Decline Faster With Omicron - 2022-01-27
"An initial surge in antibody levels against the Omicron variant after a booster dose of the Moderna COVID vaccine wanes within six months, but the antibodies remained effective against it in lab tests, a new study finds." More

Hospital Defends Decision to Deny Heart Transplant to Unvaccinated Man - 2022-01-27
"In response to claims that a man was denied a heart transplant because he refused to get vaccinated against COVID-19, Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston said Wednesday that its transplant policies mirror those used across the United States." More

Did Your Gene Screen Turn Up Dangerous DNA? Study Finds Real Risk Is Low - 2022-01-27
"Most gene variants that have been labeled "pathogenic" may make only a small difference in a person's risk of actually developing disease, a new study suggests." More

Scientists Regrow Frog's Lost Leg: Could Human Amputees Someday Do the Same? - 2022-01-27
"It sounds like the stuff sci-fi films are made of, but the successful regrowth of lost limbs in frogs could point the way to helping human amputees, researchers say." More

Almost 1 in 10 U.S. Lung Transplants Now Due to COVID - 2022-01-27
"A new study finds that patients with COVID-related lung damage now account for nearly one in 10 lung transplants in the United States." More

Any Change to Menstrual Cycle After COVID Vaccine Is Minor, Temporary: Studies - 2022-01-27
"They've gotten some media headlines recently, but potential menstrual changes associated with getting a COVID vaccine are typically minor and temporary, two new international studies confirm." More

2460 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)