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Why Are Fewer U.S. Kids Going to Pediatricians? - 2020-01-21
"Overall visits to the pediatrician in the United States dropped by 14% between 2008 and 2016. Sick visits were down 24%." More

Brain Waves Offer Insight Into Autism-Linked Sleep Struggles - 2020-01-21
"Shallower-than-normal brain waves may play a role in serious sleep problems in children with autism, a new study suggests." More

Simple Tweak to Hospital Computer Program Cuts Opioid Prescriptions - 2020-01-21
"New research suggests that the number of painkillers prescribed to patients can be reduced just by lowering default computer settings that display a preset number of pills." More

Vape Devices Like Juul 'Reversing' Efforts to Keep Youth From Tobacco: Study - 2020-01-21
"The epidemic of addictive vaping among youth continues, with e-cigarette devices by Juul continuing to surge in popularity among teens and young adults, new research shows." More

Don't Want a 2nd Heart Attack? Lose the Belly Fat - 2020-01-21
"For heart attack survivors, a fat belly could mean another one is likely, a new study suggests." More

Sunscreen Chemicals Absorbed Into Body, Study Finds - 2020-01-21
"However, both the agency and skin cancer experts were quick to stress that there is no proof that sunscreen ingredients cause any harm. And people should keep using the products to prevent sunburn and curb the risk of skin cancer, they said." More

Millions of Americans With Heart Disease Use Pot, Bringing Potential Harm - 2020-01-21
"Over 2 million Americans with heart disease have used marijuana, despite evidence that it might be harmful to them, a new research review finds." More

Family Therapy Best for Youth at Risk for Bipolar Disorder - 2020-01-20
"Therapy for the entire family might help kids and teens vulnerable to bipolar disorder stay healthy longer, new research suggests." More

Health Tip: Sleeping While There's Anxiety - 2020-01-20
"Anxiety can cause or worsen sleeping problems, says the National Sleep Foundation." More

What Parents Overlook When Their Teen Is a Heavy Gamer - 2020-01-20
"Most American parents believe their teens spend too much time playing video games, but many underestimate the actual amount, a new survey shows." More

Facebook Falls Short for College Kids Battling Depression, Study Finds - 2020-01-19
"Turning to Facebook for help is probably the wrong move for depressed college students, new research shows." More

How to Keep Those Blood Vessels Pumping - 2020-01-18
"Want to know how to avoid blood clots and varicose veins?" More

How Lack of Insurance Affects Breast Cancer Survival - 2020-01-17
"Minority women with breast cancer are less likely to have insurance, which could lower their odds of survival, researchers say." More

Just 2% of Patients Who Need It Get Anti-Opioid Drug Naloxone - 2020-01-17
"Naloxone can prevent opioid overdose deaths, but only a tiny percentage of Americans at risk are prescribed the lifesaving drug." More

Screening for Chinese Coronavirus to Start at 3 Major Airports: CDC - 2020-01-17
"ravelers from China will now have to undergo enhanced screening at three major U.S. airports for symptoms of a new coronavirus that has caused an outbreak of pneumonia in China, federal health officials said Friday." More

2355 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)