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Senior Falls a Key Factor for Hospital Readmission - 2019-05-24
"Fall-related injuries are a major reason why seniors are readmitted to the hospital within a month after being discharged, a new study finds." More

U.S. Dentists Prescribe 37 Times More Opioids Than in England: Study - 2019-05-24
"Despite the nation's opioid epidemic, U.S. dentists are far more likely to prescribe addictive opioid painkillers than their British counterparts, a new study reveals." More

Health Tip: Treating Scoliosis - 2019-05-24
"Scoliosis is an abnormal curve of the spine. Often diagnosed in early adolescence, most cases show symptoms such as uneven shoulders, waist or hips, says the American Association of Neurological Surgeons." More

Worry Less for Better Health - 2019-05-24
"Do you worry a lot? Besides the anxiety it's causing you emotionally, it can threaten your health." More

Got Knee Pain? What You Need to Know About Alternatives to Surgery - 2019-05-24
"Arthritis in the knees can strike people as young as 45, with symptoms severe enough to limit activities and harm quality of life. What can be done about it?" More

Colon Cancer Screenings Increase When Medicaid Arrives - 2019-05-24
"There were greater increases in colon cancer screening rates in states that expanded Medicaid than in those that did not, a new study finds." More

Roundup Linked to Human Liver Damage: Study - 2019-05-24
"The popular weed killer Roundup might be linked to liver disease, a new study suggests." More

2 in 3 Adults Who Use E-Cigs Want to Stop - 2019-05-23
"Nearly two-thirds of American adults who use electronic cigarettes want to quit using the devices, a new study finds." More

Infant Pain Heightened After Opioid Exposure in Womb - 2019-05-23
"Newborns who were exposed to opioids in the womb have stronger-than-normal reactions to pain and may require special care sooner than previously thought, researchers report." More

New Gene Variants for Type 2 Diabetes Found - 2019-05-23
"It has long been known that lifestyle affects a person's risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Now, researchers report that they have identified rare variants of four genes that may also play a part." More

Poor Diet Might Raise Your Cancer Risk - 2019-05-23
"Your unhealthy eating habits could increase your risk of cancer as much as drinking alcohol can, new research reports." More

Eating to Reach Health Goals - 2019-05-23
"What and when you eat certain foods can boost how you feel at different times during the day. When it comes to meal planning, timing is everything." More

Heart Attack Treatment Could Cut 'Bad' Cholesterol by Half Within Hours - 2019-05-22
"Imagine a procedure that filters "bad" LDL cholesterol from your bloodstream in a matter of hours." More

Fewer Deaths Tied to Dirty Air, But Threats Persist: Report - 2019-05-23
"Significant but uneven improvements in air quality have greatly reduced U.S. deaths related to air pollution over the past decade, a new study shows." More

'Watchful Waiting' Less Likely for Black Prostate Cancer Patients - 2019-05-22
""Watchful waiting" is on the rise overall among U.S. men with low-risk prostate cancer, but black men remain less likely to opt for it, a new study finds." More

2119 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)