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Why Sleep is Good For Your Brain
Have you ever wondered why sleep is good for you or how it affects your brain? AARP asked Dr. Jessica Langham, a principal scientist at the Banner Alzheimers Institute, to tell us why sleep is so important for our brain health.

The Fundamental Nature of Rest, Movement and Nutrition
Lee Memorial Health System
In this 45-minute webinar, Dr. Jose Colon Speaks on the fundamentals of rest, movement and nutrition for overall well-being.

Working your way to Better Health
Lee Memorial Health System
It may be an exaggeration to say your work is killing you, but it could be contributing to your overall health. As more Americans spend their days behind a desk they're becoming more sedentary.

No Fooling - Superfood Facts
Lee Memorial Health System
Sounds too good to be true, but experts agree there are some foods that are so jam-packed with good things they may live up to the title super food.

How to Stay Happy and Healthy through the Holidays?
UCLA Health
Learn how you can manage stress and stay healthy during the holidays.