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A Snapshot of Nuclear Imaging
Lee Memorial Health System
“Nuclear medicine is used to assess how your body functions or how the organs inside your body work, whereas CT imaging is designed to show us your anatomy. This device puts the two of them together,” says Lee Memorial Health System radiologist Dr. John Rodriguez.

Vitamins and Supplements: Less is More
University of California Television (UCTV)
More than half of Americans use vitamins or supplements, spending over $9.4 billion a year. Dr. Jeffrey Tice takes a look at which are encouraged, which are discouraged and which have no benefit. He covers antioxidants, folic acid, vitamin D and Calcium and Omega 3.

What is An MRI?
This video gives an example of what may happen during an MRI for research purposes.

A Closer Look at CT & Nuclear Imaging
Lee Memorial Health System
With the help of high tech imagers, doctors are able to see you better than ever before. At Cape Coral Hospital they are doubling their effort, using a hybrid scanner that blends two technologies together.

Bringing an Open View to MRI
Lee Memorial Health System
MRI is one of the main go-to tools for diagnosing many health conditions, but the standard tube delivery system can put people in a state of high anxiety.