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Grief & Bereavement Issues
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The Adventure of Grief: Dr Geoff Warburton
TEDx Talks
Psychologist, writer and innovator, Geoff Warburton has spent the last 25 years studying love and loss. Geoff challenges conventional apathy about grief and loss by offering an approach that evokes curiosity, openness and compassion. His approach synthesises Eastern wisdom traditions, in-depth psychology and common sense. The emphasis of his message is towards thriving after loss -- and not merely surviving.

The Grieving Process
Today on WellCast, we're dealing with a very difficult subject. How do you deal with the death of a loved one? How do you live your life in the face of a life-changing event? We don't have all the answers. Honestly, you'll need to work through your through the stages of grieving in a way that works for you. But we do have some advice to help you heal.

12 Suggestions for Dealing with Grief and Loss
Counselor Carl
Counselor Carl ( offers 12 suggestions for coping with grief and loss, which can leave grievers feeling lost, confused, and disoriented. He states that grief is not what we expect it to be and self-care is most important in navigating the rocky waters of a major loss. He offers a roadmap for how to deal and cope with grief while stressing the importance of not trying to grieve alone.

Dealing With Loss and Grief
Dr. Gary Daniel
For those of you who have lost a loved one, here is some understanding.